Don't Let Refrigerator Food Go to Waste

Don't Let Refrigerator Food Go to Waste

Save it from spoiling by hiring us for refrigerator repair

If your refrigerator has stopped working properly, it's only a matter of time before food starts to spoil. Fortunately, A + Appliance Service & Repair can help. We offer 24-hour emergency freezer or refrigerator repair services, meaning you won't have to throw away wasted food.

No matter the cause of the problem, our experienced team can get it fixed right up. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

We fix all types of refrigerator and freezer problems

Refrigerators and freezers are complex appliances, so there's quite a lot that can go wrong. We often repair refrigerators and freezers that are:

  • Too cold
  • Not cold enough
  • Cycling frequently
  • Causing ice buildup
  • Not making ice

Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list of every potential problem you may encounter. The only way to know for sure what's wrong with your appliance is by speaking with us yourself. Call 978-304-7773 today to have your refrigerator repair questions answered by an experienced local professional.