Call Us When the Washer Breaks

Call Us When the Washer Breaks

Offering 24-hour emergency washer and dryer repair services

No one likes dealing with a broken washer. If yours has given up the ghost, why not let us fix it for you? A + Appliance Service & Repair has over 55 years of experience with washer and dryer repair, so you can count on us to get the job done right. Plus, we offer 24-hour emergency services.

Most of the time, we're able to have the problem fixed the same day you call us. Schedule an appointment today to get your washer and dryer working again.

5 signs it's time to schedule an appointment

As washers and dryers age, they tend to need repairs every now and again. You should call us if:

1. Your washing machine door won't open
2. Your washing machine is leaking
3. Your dryer doesn't get hot enough
4. The washer or dryer won't start
5. The unit vibrates excessively

Even if you aren't sure exactly what the problem is, we're happy to take a look and offer our expert advice. Reach out today to schedule your appointment.