Cold Food? Soft Toast?

Cold Food? Soft Toast?

Arrange for microwave and toaster repair services

If your microwave or toaster is on the fritz, you may think you need to buy a new one. A + Appliance Service & Repair can save you time and money with our microwave and toaster repair services. No matter what make or model you have, our team can repair it.

We can even make same-day appointments, so you don't have to wait days to get a functioning toaster or microwave. If you're looking for a repair company with decades of experience, reach out to our team right away.

Common microwave problems

Microwaves are more complicated than they seem. There are a lot of moving parts that could malfunction. Our team commonly sees microwaves that:

  • Don't start or stay on
  • Don't heat food
  • Have broken buttons

Don't wait to get your microwave or toaster fixed. Get in touch with our team today to schedule an appointment for our repair services.